Contour’s March Radness Contest

Contour’s March Radness Contest

Contour has just unveiled their "March Radness" contest – a bracket style challenge between skiers and boarders.

Here's how it works: 16 snowboard videos go up against 16 ski videos, and whomever is deemed the winner gets an all-expenses-paid trip to film with either Standard Films or Poor Boyz productions.

You'll have the next seven weeks to enter your video to contour.com. The top 32 videos will be selected by Contour's staff, and then pitted against each other. It's skiing v. boarding, the classic match-up. Who can produce the better vid?

Each round will last 24 hours, and the video that earns the most votes within that time period advances to the next round. Will you be the one to produce the video that lasts until the very end?

Enter between February 2 and March 18. The round of 32 begins March 21. Go get out there and do skiing proud.

Click here to read the rules and to see a listing of additional prizes.

Sean Pettit Announces the Contest

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