Continue gaining exposure while competing in the US Freeskiing competitions. Meet my ski hero. Spread the SKIING DREAM.

Continue gaining exposure while competing in the US Freeskiing competitions. Meet my ski hero. Spread the SKIING DREAM.

This winter is huge!!! Telluride is off the HOOK!!! It’s deep out there.
The winter is now; Every thing previously stated is out of date. All I said was back in the summer before the snow fell. Heres the T-Rider WORD!!! (DEEP!!) belive it or not. The whole town is up in a roar about this early blessing we recived. Shouts go out to all those snow gods who are out there watching us tear it up. Particualrly OLD MAN WINTER. Thanks to the old man it is looking like im going to acomplish all of my previously stated dreams. The season has aproached and I am taking avantage of it to DA FULLEST!!! Sometimes im out there and I feel like I might be pushing the evelople a bit, but overal it’s worth it. I have never felt so on my game. Already im huckin new personaly never hucked cliffs. YA, I know Pre-season is upon us an i shouldent be doing the shit im doing. REALLY THOU, us die hards we cant help it, once the snow falls it’s on YA YA.

During the 07/08 ski season I competed in several US Freeskiing competitions in which i did quite well.
Telluride 4th
Crested Butte 12th
Taos 8th
This winter I am going to continue competing in the US Freeskiing competitions. During last years competitive season I started to become a recognizable skier due to my unique style and technique as well as the ability to step up to the challenge of skiing with the best. This season i hope continue to gain exposure through these ski competitions and to hopefully podium in at least 2 of the US Freeskiing competitions.

I believe We all choose our paths in life, the path i have chosen is to obtain a skiing career and use my potential success from being a competitive skier to show others around the world the joys of skiing. Skiing could be a way to unite the people of the world. Skis don’t judge or discriminate. Skis just want to ski and take you along for the ride. When you hit the slopes with your best buds the fickle issues of the world just melt away, problems disappear and suddenly it’s just you and your fellow skiers engulfed by the bliss of the mountains. I believe the world could be united through the love and passion of skiing.

I have my ski heroes as do we all (I hope). My Father is my first Hero. He has always supported my skiing and continuously encourages my ambition of skiing with the best skiers in the world. Next is my professional influence, my ski coach Scotty Kennet, he the greatest guy i know, he used to be a pro mogul skier as well as a Pro Freeskier; he still competes in the Masters devision of the US Freeskiing competitions. He still is recognized as a legend in the world of Freeskiing; especially from the Crested Butte championships. He is the one who turned me on to Freeskiing and has always encouraged me to believe no dream is to huge and that I should always follow mine. Besides my dad and Scotty my other favorite skier is Seth Morrison, he is the hero of skiing. I believe Seth is on a level of his own, hes shown us all that a person can do any thing if they put their mind to it. I would love to meet him an take a few laps with the all time legend. Ya Seth!!!

To sum it all up this winter is going to another step towards reaching my skiing dream.

Thanks for reading
Remember to reach HIGH

heres a link to some videos


(All but one of my photos are Competition photos)

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