Catching Up With Peter Olenick

Catching Up With Peter Olenick

Peter Olenick, fresh off a 4th place pipe finish at the first Dew Tour, is back in comp mode and showing it. The pipe and slope star has been working on a new double flip, taking up ear piercing and de-bunking BC hetero-homo myths. Through the wonders of technology, I had a word with the CO native on his thoughts so far this season.

Freeskier: What’s up Peter, where are you currently?
Peter Ryan Olenick: I am currently at Casa De Dumont, in Dillon, CO.

FS: Very nice. How is the living situation working there this season? Still more pros and hoes?
PRO: Yeah the living situation is pretty chill, we have a few peeps on the floor from time to time. And the random girls’ friend that nobody wants to take down.

FS: Sounds like a fun house. How did the first Dew Tour end up for you? Stoked on the results?
PRO: Yeah, I was stoked. I mean, you can always do better, but i was skiing injured but skied super well. It built up my confidence for the upcoming events, and got my head in the right spot.

FS: I heard you broke your 1080-at-the-first-pipe-event-of-the-year curse.
PRO: Yeah, I did. It’s a trick I can do in my sleep, but somehow every year, I somehow seem to have a perfect run going until I get to that 1080 and then, whammy. So I was super pimp this year and landed it.

FS: I bet that felt good. What have you got going on for the next month, just Dew and the X Games?
PRO: Yeah, just full on comp season here. I have this other double I have to work on. Plus I have a little side project I have been working on with some friends, so i might try and put some time in on that.

FS: Care to elaborate on the side project for the readers?
PRO: Well, it’s something that we are kind of carrying on that Greg Strokes [Oakley Marketing Manager] and Chris O’Connell [Pro Photographer] used to play. It’ll be kind of a fun way of rubbing it in your friends faces when your game is better than there’s.  

FS: Those guys play some messed up games. How is that new double coming?
PRO: I can see it super well in my head and I know that i can do it. It’s just a matter of doing it and becoming consistent. I can’t really try them on like water ramps, so I just have to do it in the pipe and keep on taking the hits. Good thing i work out a bunch.

FS: Yeah you and the Canadian boys are regulars are the gyms and gay bars, right?
PRO: It’s not gay if your friends are there.

FS: Any big predictions for the upcoming Dew at Mt. Snow?
PRO: I3 know that the weather has the potential to be worse than Breck, so that should be fun. I just want to meet some pros. And maybe a few more people might get pimp ass earrings.

FS: Are earrings the new tall tees?
PRO: Ya know Shay, they are. The bigger and longer and more you have on, the higher the judges score you.

FS: Then I guess you are set. What are your plans after X?
PRO: After X Games, I’m going to go to SIA for a day or two, and win a bunch of money. Then I’ll start filming with PBP, hopefully go on some sled trips and stuff.

FS: Good advice. Any health tips for the kids out there that want to be aspiring pros?
PRO: Cant be a pro with out snus. And i would say that as much as the gym sucks, it’s worth it to avoid injuries.

FS: Good call. Any down day or travel advice for the aspiring, as well?
PRO: Travel advice: Don’t fly through Chicago-O’Hare or London-Heathrow, super gay.

FS: Also sounds good. Any shout outs?
PRO: Yeah, congrats to my little sis who made it through her 21st, and to Rico for hooking a brother up.

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