Catching Up With Justin Dorey

Catching Up With Justin Dorey

What’s up Justin, what are you are you doing right now?
I’m enjoying some time with some good friends. I’m hanging out with TJ Schiller and Ian Cosco.

How were holidays Justin?
Holidays were excellent. I got to shred Silverstar with all the bros. And I got some sheepskin car seat covers for Christmas.

How are those sheepskin covers?
I haven’t actually put them on yet but I think they’ll look very nice because it looks like 2-inch long shag carpet. And they are gonna be pimp.

How was the Winter Dew Tour?
I’ve had better. I kinda sprained both my shoulders going into the event. I didn’t know if I would be able to do it or not. But I ended up being able to ski even though it hurt. I also landed 15 feet on to the deck. Then I put together a super sketchy run and ended up 5th. Definitely not what I was shooting for, but the shoulder are starting to feel better. I’m pretty psyched for the next one.

What are your plans before the next Winter Dew stop.
I’m going cat skiing tomorrow with TJ Schiller, Ian Cosco, Josh Bibby, Joe Schuster, Riley Leboe and Josh Dueck. After cat skiing I’ll be shredding pipe in Calgary where I’m going to try and learn this trick I’ve been wanting to do forever.

I didn’t think comp guys were allowed to ski powder between events.
I haven’t skied one day of powder in 2 years.

So you’re saying you’re really good at it?
I’m looking forward to it because it’s been way too long.

TJ Schiller is currently twittering his face off with Alli Sports. How is your twitter game?
My twitter game is not up to par. I never twitter, ever. I try but I am sucking at it.

Are you exited for X games?
Super pumped, it’s going be crazy. I’m psyched to see what everyone is doing .Crazy shit will go down. Also, hopefully there will be some newer creative runs and stuff.

Guest question from Ian Cosco – There are so many things I could say… If you could save one of us? Me or Joe Schuster?
Probably Joe.

If you could be anything but a pro skier, what would be?
I’d be a dog because it’s the life, if you have good owners, you just eat food and do whatever you fee like.

Rumor has it you’ve been working out a lot. Any tips on how to get your biceps bigger?
Work out with huge dudes around and be as loud as you can when lifting weights to attract a ton of attention therefore making you look way cooler at the gym. And work out in Vernon.

What’s more important, bigger biceps or being healthy?
It’s kind of obvious to have bigger biceps. What is being healthy good for? If you have big biceps you’re jacked and pimp.

What are your plans after the comps?
I want to try and put together a legit film segment since I haven’t had one in a long time. Less pipe comps this year means making more time for shooting.

Guest question from TJ Schiller: In honor of Stan Lee’s birthday yesterday, what is your favorite comic book or character?
That’s actually a great question, I love comics. I’m going to go with Spiderman.

How come?
Because Spiderman has sweet powers.

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