Catching Up With Byron Wells

Catching Up With Byron Wells

Byron Wells, at the tender age of 16 has found himself coming to the top of the competition circuit. From Jossi’s little brother to full blown pipe and slope threat, Lil B Wells has shown that he’s here to stay. Through the wonders of technology, I had a word with our native down under on his thoughts so far this season.

Freeskier: Hey Byron, where are you right now?
Byron Wells: What’s up, Shay? I’m just chilling in Frisco, CO.

FS: How has your season been? Pretty hectic, right?
BW: Yeah, it has been crazy; traveling so much, but it’s going good. The first Dew Tours went well then I was off Park City to train for X Games, then competing at the X Games. Now I just got back from Park City for the World Cup Halfpipe there.

FS: How was your first X Games experience?
BW: It was like a dream come true. I have been dreaming about competing there since I started freeskiing. I was pretty stoked just to get the invite.

FS: X Games is big time. How is the rest of your season shaping up?
BW: Well I’m heading to Aspen for the Aspen Open, then to the final Dew Tour in Northstar, then over to Japan for Nippon Open and the World Championships. After that I’ll come back to CO for a little bit before going to the Euro Open to finish off the comp season.

FS: That’s a hectic schedule. What are you doing with all your money now that you’re pro?
BW:  Well it’s all going towards getting me to the next comp for now.

FS: No new purchases? You could just steal money from your brother.
BW: Yeah, good point, but I already have to pay him back for some stuff.

FS: That’s a drag. Any filming going down this year for you?
BW: Not that i know of. I will be filming with Basket Productions, a New Zealand film company down in NZ for next year though.

FS: Speaking of NZ, are the meat pies as good as I’ve heard?
BW: Oh mate! You have no idea…

FS: So it’s worth the trip then? How much does spending this much time in the US screw you up in NZ? Do the other kiwis make fun of your accent?
BW: Yeah. Well mostly Jossi. If I say some thing like an American, he will call me out pretty quickly. But when I get back home the NZ accent comes back pretty fast. So for a couple of days I’ll get called out all the time.

FS: I guess you strike me as a cool kid in NZ. You’re definitely cooler than me, and we’re in the US.
BW: Hahahaha. I don’t know about that, your pretty cool.

FS: Can you shed any light on the differences between living in Park City last year and Summit this year?
BW: Summit is a lot colder. But its nice to have a park and pipe up in early to late December.

FS: Do you think the level of comp riding, pipe in particular, is getting too gnarly? It seems like you have to be crazy to even enter a comp.
BW: Oh yeah! Tanner and Dorey are taking pipe to a whole new level with doubles in every comp, it’s getting stupid! So it looks like doubles are on the menu for me in the future.

FS: Aren’t you scared of them? It took two years before people really started doing them since Olenick started.
BW: Yeah, I don’t even want to think about it, let alone do it. Pete was crazy to step out and do it first. That kid has some guts.

FS: What are some of your travel tips to kill time on long flights?
BW: Gossip Girl! iPod, sleep.

FS: That’s all you’ve got? You sound like [insert women’s pro skier on a travel day].
BW: Hahahaha. Yeah most of the time I just fall asleep. Great for time wasting.

FS: Good call. Are you going to kill it in Aspen? Give me the game plan.
BW: Game plan, ay? Ski my best. Thats all I can do.

FS: Gangsters don’t ask too many questions, right?
BW: Hahahaha, na man.

FS: Well, have you got any parting words for any girls that might be definitely are stalking you and reading this?
BW: Hahaha, na not really, i’m here to ski, not for girls.

FS: Good, they are just pains in the ass anyway. Any shout outs in general?
BW: Mum, Dad and Brothers, sponsors, homies and the man up stairs.

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