These Montana crews are dishing out some of the slickest homegrown edits of the year

These Montana crews are dishing out some of the slickest homegrown edits of the year

There are few places in the world that offer what Bozeman, Montana, has under its belt. Diesel-pumping trucks and G Wagon wheelin’ moms living in (semi) unison; over priced rent and underrated food; unruly college students and fourth-generation farmers; and grass-fed steaks right alongside plant-made burgers on the same menu. It’s possible that these descriptions could be applied to a number of places, but one factor that surely separates Bozeman from the rest is the outright love for winter, and the subsequent sliding on planks over snow while the snot freezes inside your nostrils. In Bozeman, you don’t have the luxury of returning to the warmer city dwellings offered in Utah or Colorado after a snowy day in the mountains: With an average winter temperature of just under 25-degrees American, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone heading to the hills on those frigid mornings who doesn’t live for it.

The cold smoke that falls in the surrounding mountains serves as a breeding ground for skiers who are throttling the sport into the future, all in their own way and all with a smile on thier faces. Entourage, SnP and Carnage are three crews out of Bozeman who have put blood, sweat and tears into what they love, and the product is unmistakably beautiful. Different styles, different visions, with the same result: Badass skiing in its finest form.

Perhaps these names are brand new to you, or maybe you’ve been one of the lucky ones crammed into various backyard screenings around Bozeman in previous years, watching these dreams come to life. Either way, if you enjoy skiing (or Soulja Boy) you’re going to love what’s in store for each crew this season. It takes an incredible amount of passion to create products like these, and it is exactly what keeps skiing moving forward. Without this core love and dedication, the fire would never have been lit in the first place.

But that’s enough from the sidelines, see for yourself what kind of insanity these young bucks are cooking up. Make sure to check their respective Instagrams for details on when (and where) you can find these premieres, and how to watch the films once they are fully released on the worldwide web.

YAKTV – Entourage

Premiering October 1st at The Rialto, Bozeman.

Somehow they’re still allowing ski movie premiers there…

So Not Pro – SnP

Premiering October 2nd at a backyard party in Bozeman

It is likely that the house will not be standing when the night ends…

Wasted Potential – Carnage

Premiering sometime soon, wherever Reid Harris might be…


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