Bobby Brown First Freeskier to Land Multiple Triple Flips: VIDEO

Bobby Brown First Freeskier to Land Multiple Triple Flips: VIDEO

On Saturday morning, a rumor began to spread from high on Squaw Valley, where a bevy of skiers had gathered at the Red Bull Training Grounds. The rumor sprung from a Twitter update from Bobby Brown's agent, and accelerated throughout the weekend across the internet. The rumor? Bobby Brown had become the first freeskier to stomp two different triple flips.

And here you go, three questions about the new trick: a triple cork 1440, grabbed mute through about 1080 degrees.

Freeskier.com: How has your visit to the Red Bull Training Grounds gone?

Bobby Brown: It went well, it was fun. I got to session a huge jump using snowmobile tows with Kolby [Ward] and Simon [Dumont]. Just two days of good times.

Freeskier.com: In relation to anything in your career—X Games win, first time stomping a double flip, the triple flatspin you stuck last year, and other important moments in your life—what does this mean to you?

Bobby Brown: It really doesn't mean that much by comparison. It was something I wanted to do and adds to my year, which has been great so far, since I've been enjoying so many different aspects of skiing.

Freeskier.com: Were you aware that you could be the first skier to stick multiple triple cork flips?

Bobby Brown: No, I didn't think about it. [The trick] was something I had been thinking about for a while, but I did it as a spur of the moment thing.

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