This last week was the best week of my life. i got to work for spyder at the sia booth. my mom works for spyder as the mid west rep and to make a long story short, they wanted me to modle for the show. i got paid and everything to do it but the best part was that i got to go to the Freeskier party i got to hang out with Tanner and CR on the bus and at the party. after a while tanner was so drunk you couldnt really talk to him anymore so i hung out with cr for a few minutes and just talked about skiing. it was a 15 year olds dream to do this kind of stuff and i got to do it. the best part was probably meeting all the pros. i met tanner, cr, jp whom i get to ski with this weekend,and not to mention i got in a cab with sara burke,total babe,and grete ,babe too and one of their friends. then we went back to the hotel and my mom payed for their ride. that was sweet. i got to meet everyone and that was a real eye opener for what i have to do in skiing. its a real thing and taking it seriousluy to become pro is what matters.

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