All eight games from an electric first round of SVLSH Cup Grandvalira 2023

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All eight games from an electric first round of SVLSH Cup Grandvalira 2023

SLVSH Cup Grandvalira 2023 – Round 1

SLVSH Cup is back and better than ever. The fantastic event has returned to Andorra, where 16 of the best park skiers in the world have gathered to throw down at Grandvalira’s Sunset Park Peretol. Designed in collaboration with Henrik Harlaut, Sunset Park is the perfect location for such an event, with the Palma rope tow lift spinning from morning until evening when the lights flip on and the action keeps on rolling.

This first round consisted of 8 games, the last of which being the longest clocking in at nearly 24 minutes. Our FREESKIER favorite may have been Game 1, with Max and Nico holding a century-long battle that was much closer than the final score suggested. Shout out to Nico for the best headwear of the event. That being said, these are all fantastic games, and to see a ‘competition’ like this gain so much attention is exactly what skiing needs. Thank you to the hard working folks at Grandvalira, SLVSH and beyond who make this all happen!

Stay up to date with all the happenings on the SLVSH Instagram. Keep an eye out for the next round. As of today (4/10) the Quater-finals are almost wrapped.

Game 1 – Max Moffat vs. Nico Porteous
Game 2 – Kai Mahler vs. Ian Serra
Game 3 – Simo Peltola vs. Johan Berg
Game 4 – Ferdinand Dahl vs. Aleksander Kohgelf
Game 5 – Mikkel BK vs. Vincent Gagnier
Game 6 – Siver Voll vs. Kuura Koivisto
Game 7 – Noah Albaladejo vs. Hunter Hess
Game 8 – Edouard Therriault vs. Tormod Frostad