All About That Base: The deepest snow depths in North America, December 2018

All About That Base: The deepest snow depths in North America, December 2018

Featured Image: Peter Morning/Mammoth Mountain

2018 has come to a close, bringing an end to what seems like the weirdest goddamn year of news in recent memory. And despite the federal government shutting down and the stock market falling like a lead balloon, there is a bright spot for all you powderhounds out there: Early season snowfall has been plentiful across the States. So get a head start on your 2019 resolution–to ski more, obviously–with our comprehensive guide to where the deepest snowpacks are around the country. And remember: If you don’t do it this year, you will be one year older when you do.

Northeast – NY, VT, ME, NH, MA

Wachusett Mountain, Massachusetts: 23”- 53” Base Depth

Leading off the list, we have an unexpected leader–Wachusett Mountain in the Bay State. With one of the most devoted snowmaking teams in the country, its base was able to withstand some late December rains.

Jay Peak, Vermont: 26” – 44” Base Depth

PHOTO: Courtesy of Jay Peak Resort

The annual leader in the “deepest East Coast resort” standings scored more than a foot of new snow over heading into January.

Bromley Mountain – Vermont: 23” – 42” Base Depth

PHOTO: Courtesy of Bromley Mountain

The Sun Mountain’s southern exposure hasn’t hurt its base to start the season.

The Sierra – CA

Boreal Mountain Resort, California: 65” Base Depth

PHOTO: Courtesy of Boreal Mountain

Despite its well-earned reputation as one of the best park resorts in the nation, Boreal has been DEEP of late, pulling down more than a foot of snow heading into the New Year.

Soda Springs Ski Resort, California: 65” Base Depth

California’s longest running resort, and Tahoe’s best-kept secret, was blanketed in late December and has seen more than a foot of snow in the past 24 hours!

Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort, California: 60-80” Base Depth

Mammoth’s is getting ABSOLUTELY HAMMERED right now. If there’s anywhere you want to be, it’s there.

The Rockies- UT, WY, ID, CO, NM, UT

Silverton Mountain, Colorado: 40” – 85” Base Depth

Colorado’s most core resort has seen two feet of snow since the end of December, with more in the forecast this week.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Silverton Mountain

Lookout Pass Ski Resort, Idaho: 56”-68” Base Depth

This hidden gem on the Idaho-Montana border will be catching snow all week.

Grand Targhee, Wyoming: 59”-63” Base Depth

PHOTO: Courtesy of Grand Targhee Resort

The Ghee got 11” just before the New Year and looks like there’s fresh snow forecasted all through this week.

Schweitzer Mountain Resort, Idaho: 44”-56” Base Depth

PHOTO: Courtesy of Schweitzer Mountain Resort

This northern Idaho resort will saw snow basically every day last week. It might be a bit off the beaten path, but that alone makes the trip near the border worth it.


Mt. Baker Ski Area, Washington – 89”-123” Base Depth

Mount Baker is the owner of the deepest snowpack in the United States at present, and to give you an idea of just how good December was to the resort consider that its snowpack was 11” on the first of December.

Alpental, Washington, 56”-118” Base Depth

PHOTO: Courtesy of Alpental

The PNW has been caked and Washington has gotten the best of it, with Alpental being the second resort in the state with a 100+” base.

Stevens Pass Resort, Washington 54”-74” Base Depth

Stevens Pass will be swimming in it through the next week. There’s no better time than the present to get yourself to Stevens.


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