Adventure Film Festival This Weekend at the Boulder Theater

Adventure Film Festival This Weekend at the Boulder Theater

The Adventure Film Festival is set to take place in Boulder, November 12-14th. The festival is an international forum for the best and most inspiring independent outdoor films of the year. There will be over 30 films featured that encompasses all aspects of adventure from serious exploration and environmental heroism to gripping tales from the edge of the believable. With award winning films from around the globe‚ adventure, art and powerful speakers‚ the annual Adventure Film Festival in Boulder continues to inspire and awaken us all to the world we live in. adventurefilm.org.

Full Festival Passes are recommended and on sale now at the Boulder Theater


Winter’s Wind
A montage of cuts, breathtaking Chamonix-valley scenery, and of course, amazing skiing, all backed by a poetic narrative by pro-skier Micah Black, Winter’s Wind might very well help us understand why we ski…

The Ripple Effect
Set in the heart of Colorado during one of the deepest winters on record, The Ripple Effect captures the essence of life in the Rocky Mountains. From the progeny of an accomplished mountaineer to the cultural influence of an Olympic snowboarder, the compelling role of snow and its effect on multi-generations is undeniable. At once an action-driven homage to Colorado’s snow-covered Elk Range and a poignant story of loss and affirmation, The Ripple Effect promises to emerge as the definitive meditation on life in the mountains.

Swift. Silent. Deep
*SAT b-side lounge 3pm
Swift. Silent. Deep is the story of a secretive, underground crew who call themselves the Jackson Hole Air Force, a band of civil disobedients in the unknown realm of Out-of Bounds. The influence of the Jackson Hole Air Force has reached far beyond Jackson; JHAF members won the first three World Extreme Skiing Championships and are directly responsible for pioneering the big mountain skiing in the world’s most incredible playground – Alaska, which brought about the fat ski revolution, and changed the face of skiing forever. This exploration into the roots of the modern American ski bum features many familiar faces in the action sports world like Warren Miller, Scot Schmidt, and the late Doug Coombs.

*THURS Boulder Theater 7pm
From the orange and gold of fall to the pink cherry blossoms of spring, Signatures follows an entire winter deep in the hardwoods of Hokkaido, Japan. Deliciously deep January blower to April corn, we bring you a film about expression, and the art of riding on snow. At the heart of this lovely tale of deep powder mystery: the seasons. In Japan there is a cultural connection to the different signatures of our terrestrial home – a sense that the rhythm of fall, winter, spring, summer influences the rhythm of the person, their energy, their style, and the lines they choose. Shot in vibrant HD, Signatures is 100% human powered backcountry skiing in all snow-sliding styles: board, noboard, ski, and drop-knee.

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