The 4th annual park and pipe test at Keystone wraps up amidst bluebird weather

The 4th annual park and pipe test at Keystone wraps up amidst bluebird weather

For those of you who haven’t been to Keystone and taken laps in the A51 terrain park, I highly suggest you do so. There is nothing closer to feeling like you are in a video game than exploring all the features the park has to offer. Boxes of all shapes and sizes, rails ranging from in the ground to as gnarly as some urban and jumps with perfect take offs and landings make for a pretty great time and no chance of getting bored.

So it’s no wonder we posted up at Keystone for the 4th annual park and pipe ski test. In the four years we’ve been running this thing, we’ve seen the park offerings double in size, demo binding quality increase ten fold and park skiing change dramatically. So, we have to put these things through the ringer.

Josh Bishop, Grant Savidge, Steele Spence, Dania Assaly, Collin Collins, Stephen Smith, Will Berman, Dave Lesh, Andrew Hathaway and the occasional guest tester did just that last week. Over 100 pairs of skis were taken over jumps, rails and jibs to determine an overall score for playfulness, swing weight, carving and stability for each model. Over twenty brands contributed their brightest hope for park skiing and we will have the results in this years Buyer’s Guide dropping this fall.

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