The 3rd Annual 4bi9 & Level 1 Premiere. SLC, UT

The 3rd Annual 4bi9 & Level 1 Premiere. SLC, UT

Ski movies are incredible. They are the summation of 300+ days of effort, hours of filming, editing, sleepless nights, broken sleds, terrible weather, traveling, injuries, banger days, bluebird skies, nipple deep pow, and conquering thousands of unseen obstacles in a mere thirty minutes of pure entertainment. Every shot is perfectly framed, the tricks are flawless, the features are diverse, and witnessing the progression of skiing from year to year is astounding. Last night, the 3rd annual 4bi9 and Level 1 Premiere took place in Salt Lake City, UT. Here’s what went down:

Aside from a phenomenal pre party BBQ courtesy of 4FRNT, an incredible venue, thousands of dollars in product giveaways, multiple viewing screens, and plenty of drinks had by all; the films were outstanding. 4bi9 combined private park shoots, creative cinematography, aggressive urban, and phenomenal backcountry jumping with a smooth soundtrack for their film, “Gunnie Season.” Notable segments include Michigan urban with Tyler Barnes and Steve Stepp, personal segments featuring Andrew Holson and Tim McChesney, the Stratton Park Shoot, any shot that highlights the skiing of LJ Strenio, and the banger segment by Tom Wallisch. With the use of cranes, dollys in the backcountry, glide cams, private park shoots, baller urban features, and absurd trickery from ams and pros alike, 4bi9 is quickly establishing their brand as the best aspiring production company in the game.

After a brief intermission, Level 1 Presented “Eye Trip” and the roars from the crowd continued. The features were genuinely terrifying, the athletes skied everything with a new approach, the jumps were absurdly large, and the backcountry segments encouraged the most resolute of park skiers to venture out and buy a beacon, shovel, probe. Notable segments include the entire film from start to finish and everyone that appeared between the opening titles and the ending credits. A few personal favorites were Ahmet Dadali, Adam Delorme, Phil Casabon, Wiley Miller, Tom Wallisch, Parker White, Logan Imlach, Tanner Rainville, Liam Downey, Mike Hornbeck, and Kaya Turski. Kaya’s urban was ridiculous and watching a female skier pursue handrails and hit the same features as her male counterparts was inspiring. Overall, everyone at Level 1 produced yet another incredible film worthy of 300+ days of watching on repeat!

Huge shout out to Level 1 Productions, 4bi9 Media, Monster Energy, and all friends, sponsors, and individuals that made the event happen!

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