2013’s Best Ski Films: Read Freeskier’s review of Sherpas Cinema’s “Into The Mind”

2013’s Best Ski Films: Read Freeskier’s review of Sherpas Cinema’s “Into The Mind”

IntoTheMind_ReviewInto The Mind by Sherpas Cinema is the recipient of this year’s iF3 Award for Best Editing and Film of the Year. To sum it up, the film centers around an unnamed skier as he attempts to conquer one of the gnarliest mountain faces I’ve ever seen on film. Various athlete segments throughout serve as symbols of what is going through the skier’s head as he makes the decision to ski this high consequence mountain face. Into The Mind delves into the human psyche, exploring the balance between risk and reward; the decision to accept defeat or stand up and conquer goals that have not yet been reached; what drives humans (skiers specifically) to rise above the challenges in their lives and sport, and what is learned along the way. The film consists of thirteen chapters, each exploring a different mental process in the journey to ski this ultimate face.

The title, Into The Mind, is perfect, as the film does a magnificent job utilizing the various athlete segments to tell a story of the decision making processes, internal conversations, memories, etc… that flood the minds of skiers everywhere. Standout performances from Callum Pettit, Kye Petersen, Ian MacIntosh, Tom Wallisch, JP Auclair and more mesh perfectly with the masterful cinematography, directing, and special effects of the Sherpas crew. In this case, the usage of a main objective and surrounding stories that come to the head in the form of both failure and then success, creates a film that is thought provoking, relatable, and visually inspiring—thanks to the editing and cinematography, the showcasing of amazing places on earth that most can only dream of visiting, and the athletes that work so hard to make them come alive.


Website: sherpascinema.com/
Facebook: /SherpasCinema
Twitter: @SherpasCinema
Instagram: @SherpasCinema
Trailer Page: https://ow.ly/oUXM1
Runtime: 66 minutes
Get It Now: https://georiot.co/31Hc

Official Trailer:


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