2012 Ski Movie Reviews: Junkies on a Budget – In Space

2012 Ski Movie Reviews: Junkies on a Budget – In Space

Junkies on a Budget (JOB), a new European production company, truly brings a new type of ski movie to the big screens. Instead of putting together a star-studded roster and spending its winter filming with a set group of athletes, JOB instead held an online contest where production companies and soul filmers could upload an edit. Then, JOB hand-picked the five best teams and dolled out serious budgets to each of the junkies who entered to make their dream segment. The team at JOB then created its own plotline—a story of a lost alien who crashes into a snowy tundra, which should be cheesy but ends up being funny and well-envisioned—and wove the five winning teams’ final edits together to create an interesting, action-packed 40-minute film. As a result of the unique locales and talent to each crew, In Space brings a level of diversity to the table that other films can’t match.

Website: junkiesonabudget.com
Facebook: /junkiesonabudget
Twitter: @junkiesonabudget
Trailer Page: youtube.com/watch?v=hhZNMDTOn3I
Runtime: 40 min
Get It: iTunes release date not yet available

Official Trailer: JOB presents In Space

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