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Saga and J Skis team up on hilarious foodstagram ski

We’re big fans of both J Skis and Saga. So, upon hearing the two brands teamed up on a new pair of planks, we were expectedly psyched.


Introducing the Saga x J Skis Collab.

The “Saga x J Skis Collab” takes the signature Whipit model from J Skis and utilizes hilarious graphics that pay homage to both brands’ humorous reputations. In an effort to poke fun at the wild world of Instagramming food, also known as “Foodstagramming,” the skis feature a plethora of fast food items on the topsheet (a common theme with Saga products) and bases that read “I’M HUGE ON INSTAGRAM.”


Saga and J Skis took it to the next level with some cooky ads.

If you like good skis, and constantly reminding yourself that this sport is all about having fun, click here.


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