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Moosejaw Test Lab: MSR WindBurner Combo Stove System

Moosejaw Test Lab: MSR WindBurner Combo Stove System

When outdoor junkies Robert Wolfe and David Jaffe ditched their plans to become wilderness guides in 1992, the two friends diverted their attention to people with a similar, insatiable appetite for the outdoors and opened an outdoor retail store called Moosejaw. What started as a single, brick-and-mortar storefront in Keego Harbor, Michigan, Moosejaw is now an 11-storefront chain with locations across the United States and is also one of the leaders in the digital marketplace. Devoting itself to the outdoors and the mountain lifestyle, its customers and their individual needs and the enthusiasm that runs through everyone seeking experiences in nature, Moosejaw has catapulted to success over the past 17 years.

Part of what differentiates Moosejaw from other outdoor and online retailers is its unique approach to reviewing gear. In the company’s Test Lab, gear-junkies—like you—are invited to watch short videos of highly “scientific” assessments performed under “extreme” scrutiny. Keeping the atmosphere lighthearted, Moosejaw’s gear experts are able to simultaneously entertain and inform with these quirky, and sometimes ridiculous, experiments.

Having the proper cookware when camping is the difference between eating cold mush and a gourmet meal. The Moosejaw gear experts put the MSR WindBurner Combo Stove, which is a great addition to your next overnight camping or ski touring mission, up against a professional chef, the Russian Nesting Doll Champion and an alien ray gun to see just how well this stove set works in every scenario imaginable.

Full Meal Test

Russian Nesting Doll Test

Space Ray Test


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