[Deep Dive] Gordini Socks Review

[Deep Dive] Gordini Socks Review

Featured Image: by Matthew Tufts

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Since the brand’s inception in 1956, Gordini’s mission has always been to keep people outside longer—a purpose that continues to drive the brand toward innovation. Historically, that mission has been carried through Gordini’s award-winning glove line, but now the brand also has your other extremities covered—your feet, get your head out of the gutter. 

“We weren’t really looking to go into the sock space, but we stumbled upon a technology that we hadn’t seen before,” says Gordini Marketing and Communications Director Brett Wagenheim. “It speaks to the construction of other outdoor gear and glove gear in that it’s a technology that allows for fiber layering so that you can map the fiber for the function.”

In partnering with Italian knitting machine manufacturer Busi, Gordini is the first brand in the outdoor industry to use the unique, patented machine that allows for knitting a dual-layer system in a single sock. The brand has dubbed this technology SoleKnit, and it mimics the layering system of your other outdoor gear. Rather than a sock with a single layer of multiple fibers, Gordini’s socks utilize multiple layers of different fibers in different areas of the foot—merino wool and polypropylene next to skin for moisture wicking with a more durable combination of merino and nylon for the exterior of the sock to withstand wear and tear. The dual layers are then welded at connection points throughout to create a quilted effect on the inside of the sock, which in turn creates air pockets to transfer moisture and trap heat. 

For 2024, the Vermont-based brand introduces four ski socks to the new line, available in both men’s and women’s sizes—heavyweight, midweight, lightweight and ultralight. SoleKnit is utilized in the heavy and midweight socks, but all Gordini socks feature OrbitKnit ribbing technology around the cuff. Traditional ski cuffs rely solely on elastic to stretch and secure the sock around the calf. The problem with elastic is that it is often constricting, leaving uncomfortable marks, and when it fails, the sock essentially becomes useless. With OrbitKnit, Gordini has eliminated the cuff compression issue entirely. 

“The mechanical structure of the OrbitKnit never wears out, and it fits so perfectly around the leg without constricting it almost feels like you’re not wearing anything,” says Wagenheim. “To date, OrbitKnit has only been used in diabetic, medical-grade socks with single-color, non-performance yarn. So this is the first performance outdoor knitting machine that allows for multiple colors and performance yarns, used in tandem with the SoleKnit.”  

At the end of the day, Gordini aims to deliver a product that not only keeps you warm, dry and comfortable in inclement weather but inspires you to perform your best day in and day out, no matter the conditions. With the inception of SoleKnit and OrbitKnit technology, Gordini has effectively made space for itself among the best sock brands on the market and established a new standard for fancy foot blankets.

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