Thovex, Delorme get winter started right in Faction’s new web series

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When this video first hit my inbox, I was stoked for three reasons: (1) Candide and (2) Delorme (3) in the same edit. And because Delorme is the latest addition to the Faction team, this will hopefully be a common occurrence throughout the season and beyond. Both of these dudes tend to break the internet whenever they release an edit, so the fact that they’re starring together this time around means that things are surely going to go haywire. And while Candide and Delorme are the centerpieces of this particular show, the skills of other members of the Faction team, including Tim McChesney, César Fabre, Etienne Merel, Duncan Adams, Simon D’artois, Mark Nowakiwsky and Cody Cirillo, certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. One thing is certainly clear: the Faction team is stacked.

The “We Are The Faction Collective” webisode series will follow the Faction team’s travels throughout the 13/14 ski season. Stay tuned to for episode 2.

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