See who advanced to the halfpipe finals, Grand Prix at Breckenridge

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While the women had it pretty well off this morning in the way of weather, the men were dished a challenge from Mother Nature in the form of consistent, gusty winds, light snowfall and cold temperatures. On the ladies’ side, two heats of competitors faced off, with skiers gunning for one of eight spots in the final—the top three finishers from each heat advanced, plus the next top two highest scores overall. For the men, two heats battled for 16 available spots in the final—the top six finishers from each heat advanced, plus the next top four highest scores overall.

This contest marks the third, of five, Olympic qualifying events to be held on North American soil this season. The series kicked off with the Dew Tour, held on these same slopes in December, followed by a Grand Prix event at Copper Mountain. This edition of the Grand Prix tour was originally slated to be held at Northstar, CA, but due to poor snow conditions, event organizers were forced to make a quick change. Following two Grand Prix events in Park City, UT, scheduled in mid-January, the United States Olympic teams will be announced on January 22.

The athletes who advanced through to Sunday’s halfpipe finals are as follows:

Men’s Heat 1:

1. Kevin Rolland (FRA) 87.66
2. Benoit Valentin (FRA) 83.33
3. Justin Dorey (CAN) 82.00
4. Thomas Krief (FRA) 81.33
5. Simon D’Artois (CAN) 80.33
6. Yannic Lerjen (SUI) 77.66

Full results here

Men’s Heat 2:

1. Gus Kenworthy (USA) 86.66
2. David Wise (USA) 86.00
3. Simon Dumont (USA) 85.66
4. Noah Bowman (CAN) 85.00
5. Lyman Currier (USA) 84.00
6. Alex Ferreira (USA) 82.00

Full results here

Men’s LCQ:

1. Lyndon Sheehan (NZL) 77.33
2. Broby Leeds (USA) 75.66
3. Kentaro Tsuda (JPN) 73.00
4. Mike Riddle (CAN) 71.00

Full results here

Women’s Heat 1:

1. Brita Sigourney (USA) 88.33
2. Ayana Onozuka (JPN) 87.33
3. Devin Logan (USA) 84.66

Full results here

Women’s Heat 2:

1. Maddie Bowman (USA) 86.00
2. Angeli VanLaanen (USA) 82.33
3. Marie Martinod (FRA) 81.00

Full results here

Women’s LCQ:

1. Amy Sheehan (AUS) 79.33
2. Annalisa Drew (USA) 79.00

Full results here

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