Kaya Turski wins the Winter Dew Tour Snowbasin Slopestyle

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L-R: Devin Logan, Kaya Turski, Anna Segal

Kaya Turski, after a temporary stay off the top of the podium at last week's FIS World Champs, she is back on top, taking the top spot here in Snowbasin. Devin Logan found her second podium of the weekend with another 2nd place finish. And Anna Segal, last week's winner squeaked onto the podium with a 3rd place performance. Here are the top three runs:

Kaya Turski — Front switch up to switch on the flat to gap down box, back switch up on the up-flat box, front 270 off the left cannon pole, switch 720 to switch 540.

Devin Logan — Switch on to the flat to gap down box to switch, switch on the up-flat box, front 270 off the left cannon pole, corked 720 to a rodeo 540.

Anna Segal — Backside switch up on the flat to gap down box, back 270 off the a-frame rail, front 270 off the left cannon pole, switch 540 to rodeo 540.


Keri Herman

Turski overtook the top spot on her second and final run. Kim Lamarre, who came in fourth with her stylish 540 to zero spin combo, suffered a scary crash her second run. After falling on her zero she slid into a number of banners on the course, sustaining a head injury. She was taken off the course, but is reportedly not suffering from any serious trauma.


Devin Logan

Keri Heman came in 5th place with her unique corked 540s and switch 540s, but she couldn't repeat the magic she had at X Games. Ashley Battersby, the reigning Dew winner from Breckenridge, failed to land one of her runs, falling on her lofty switch 720s last hit. Despite not landing, she put on quite the show for the Sunday morning crowd.


Kaya Turski, Switch 540.

Now that the ladies are done, there is a small break before the next event, the European Freeski Open in Laax, Switzerland. Kudos to all the ladies for killing it this morning. What does this do to the AFP slopestyle rankings? Visit the World Rankings Page in the coming days to find out.

Women's Final Results:
1. Kaya Turski — 89.50
2. Devin Logan — 85.00
3. Anna Segal — 79.25
4. Kim Lamarre — 68.25
5. Keri Herman — 65.50
6. Ashley Battersby — 61.75

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Kim Lamarre

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