2012 Ski Movie Reviews: Matchstick Productions – Superheroes of Stoke

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For Matchstick Production’s 20th flick, the gang intertwines freeskiing history with the hard hitting action we’ve come to expect from MSP. Don’t let the run time of 76 minutes fool you, the movie isn’t bloated with filler, rather it’s chock full of action. Spanning exotic locales in Alaska, BC and Japan, Skier of the Year-worthy performances are clocked in by Richard Permin, Eric Hjorleifson and Michelle Parker. While park has taken a backseat in years past, Russ Henshaw, Gus Kenworthy and co. put in impressive performances on custom features. MSP once again delivers the goods: Educational, yet exceptional. Beautiful cinematography cut with harrowing POV footage. Simply put, Superheroes of Stoke is worthy of MSP’s 20th anniversary tag.

Website: skimovie.com
Facebook: /105793716121307
Twitter: @MSPFilms
Trailer Page: vimeo.com/46629807
Runtime: 76 min
Get It: skimovie.com/index.php/dvds/details/superheroes-of-stoke/

Official Trailer: MSP presents Superheroes of Stoke

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