Watch: Here are the top six runs from the Toyota U.S. Grand Prix at Copper

On Saturday, December 17, the first Toyota U.S. Grand Prix of the season took place at Copper Mountain—highlighted by the men’s and women’s halfpipe events. You can read a full recap of the events, complemented by some kickass photos, here. Today, however, we bring you the high-flying video action from the event. Spoiler alert: These podium-earning runs are impressive, and you can tell skiers are gunning hard for spots in the 2018 Winter Olmypics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Men’s 1st place—Kevin Rolland (FRA)


Men’s 2nd place—Benoit Valentin (FRA)


Men’s 3rd place—Aaron Blunck (USA)


Women’s’s 1st place—Marie Martinod (FRA)


Women’s 2nd place—Annalisa Drew (USA)


Women’s 3rd place—Devin Logan (USA)

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