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Uprising’s Multisport Closing Segment (1998) – Blast From The Past – Episode 8

This week's episode of Blast From The Past jumps back to the closing segment of Uprising. Watch this action packed segment as BASE jumpers, dirt bikers, kayakers, paragliders, surfers, BMXers, mountain bikers, skis and snowboarders close out our 1998 film in a pure adrenaline rush. As the narrator describes, "The Uprising is about a resurgence of pure human spirit. The 90s have seen sport and life reach new heights. As we head into the new millennium our world is as big as it ever was and the players more willing that ever to test their limits within."

TGR's Blast From The Past web series will take you back in time to revisit some of our favorite film segments from 15 years of actions sports filmmaking. From shredding Alaska spines to Metallica to surfing El Salvador's endless beaches, Blast From The Past is your one stop for TGR's greatest film segments.

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