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Traveling Austria with Ahmet Dadali

Back in Febuary I went on a trip to Austria this season with my homie Ben Hubley to try to film our own little trip. Since my knee had put me on the back burner for most the year i figured it was time to get out into some mountains and at least try to make something for all you guys to watch.. I know i shit talk it wayyyy too much, but before i could change it around a bit i was so fed up with the edit i deleted the one with less shittalkin off my computer haha. It wasn’t exactly what i envisioned for the edit but maybe we will try this kind of thing again, Except with teeth. Hope you get some kinda enjoyment outta it, it was fun to make and hang out in Austria, PEACE.

Big Thanks to Volkl Marker USA, Biru Energy Tea, Spy Optics, Under Armour, Dalbello, La Familia/ Valtis, Georg Moser @ FASC , Pelle, Christoph Kaserbacher + Family, and all the other homies out there.

Filmed by: Ben Hubley/ Ahmet
Edited by: Ahmet

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