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Take a Ride on the LOVECRAFT with Rudy Lepine and ON3P

Many will tell you that skiing is evolving for the worst. Growing corporate structures and lack of individualism seems to be sprouting up more often from every corner of the industry. HOWEVER, if Rudy Lepine and the crew at ON3P continue to produce and foster the type of skiing and creativity seen in LOVECRAFT, there is no doubt that the world of skiing is heading in the right direction. Lepine’s first full street segment is a showcase of incredible skiing mixed with untamed filming, editing and musical creativity; nothing less than what one would expect from an ON3P production. Although Lepine is probably one of the better street skiers in the game, my takeaway from this is that your only competition should be yourself: Creative greatness like this flourishes when skiers focus on excelling their own personal style and ingenuity. Much like the Arsenic Anywhere apparel sported in the film (shoutout to Arsenic), this really is a craft made with lots of love. Jam on, Rudy.



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