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These synchronized skiers connected for well-timed, mid-air fist bump

Spring skiing tends to bring out the best in people, and the video above is a great example. Watch as Sweden’s Jerry Öijer and Fabian Omne both toss rodeo 540s in opposite directions, only to meet up in the middle for one glorious moment they’ve sinced dubbed the “Awesome Brofist.”

Fabian sent us a few words about the stunt:

My name is Fabian Omne and I am the skier on the right. My friend to the left is Jerry Öijer. The day before this “brofist” occurred, Jerry and I were shredding the same jump and decided to do a flatspin next to each other. I can do rodeos and flatspins in both directions, so we decided to do a rodeo next to each other. When we did it the first time, I was to the left and Jerry to the right. So, we kind of popped away from each other instead of into each other. On the way home from the slope, I came up with the “awesome brofist” idea and I thought it would be possible to pull off. After all, it’s just about stretching out your arm at the right time.

When we went to the slope the next day, we brought our camera and decided to give it a try. At first we just did a rodeo next to each other and popped into the other guy, just like in this clip, but without the brofist. Then, we decided to try it. On the first brofist attempt, we got to far away from each other; so we didn’t quite reach each other. Then, on the second try, we cuddled up and just went as close to each other as we could. As you can see in the clip, Jerry threw out his arm instantly when he left the kicker, while I waited until I turned my head towards him in mid-air.

So there we were: his hand was just hanging there waiting for me to knock it. I aimed for his fist and hit it. The moment we felt our hands touch each other’s, we both started screaming loudly, even though we were still in the middle of the flip! We yelled too much to focus on landing, so I nearly crashed; but we made it. The guys on the kicker screamed loud as hell, too. Everyone was so stoked and even the snowboarders said that that it was the sickest thing they ever witnessed.

Once we were on our way up to the lift, we realized that this had probably never been done before. So, we felt the need to share this video over the web as soon as we could. Now, here we are 24 hours later and the views and likes are just flowing in. I might add that this was by far the coolest trick we have ever done, as well as the most dangerous and definitely the most fun!”

Awesome indeed, fellas.

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