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Sit Ski Boss Trevor Kennison teams up with Level 1

Trevor Kennison has quickly become one of the most well known names in skiing. For a guy who’s roots reside in snowboarding, the sit ski boss has certainly paved lanes and made waves in the ski industry, and action sports in general. After a snowboarding accident in the backcountry of Vail, Colorado, he was left paralyzed from the waist down. In a situation that would have crumbled the spirits of most, Trevor has emerged with one of the most positive attitudes you will ever encounter and a new found passion. FREESKIER Editor, Sam Taggart, caught up with this living legend in a beautifully worded Q&A which can be found here.

On of the most incredible things about Trevor is the time frame in which he has honed in his skills on the sit ski. Coming from snowboarding, the sit ski is a totally different animal. As opposed to gliding down sideways, Trevor had to learn how to carve, slide, and jump while facing forward. He has obtained a remarkable control of his body in the air and on the ground in such a small amount of time. He is now one of the best sit skiers in the world, able to ride any area of the mountain, terrain park included.

Recently, Trevor drew the attention of industry film legend Josh Berman, creator and proprietor of Level 1. The two have teamed up to tell Trevors story in a documentary scheduled to be released in the fall of 2022. To announce the movie, they dropped this short flick capturing Trevors first day returning to the backcountry since his accident 5 years ago. The passion, joy, and exuberant love for life displayed by him is admirable to say the absolute least. Words simple fall short when attempting to describe the emotions portrayed in this trailer. Trevor is an inspiration to every single person in this world, and is an immaculate example of how to turn a life altering situation into a beautiful opportunity. With a monstrous amount of hard work, perseverance, and an attitude that would cheer up even Oscar the Grouch, Trevor has truly made lemonade with those lemons.

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