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This is the inspiring story of Robin Gillon, a severely deaf professional skier

In the trailer of the upcoming movie, Sound of Silence, we hear the voice of professional skier Robin Gillon, sharing his story about skiing. Born severely deaf, Gillon has never had it easy. But clicking into a pair of skis, taking flight off a jump and making the mountains his playground have provided him a happiness he never thought he could achieve. In the video, above, Gillon narrates:

“Since the beginning every step was a struggle. He was bullied at school by the kids and branded as failure by his teachers. On his first job at a bank, he was locked away in a basement so the world wouldn’t see his disability. He wasn’t ready for society… or maybe society wasn’t ready for him. This is not a typical ski movie. This is a movie about a young man who found life through skiing. My name is Robin Gillon. I am professional skier who was born severely deaf. This is my story.”

Stay tuned for the full movie to be released this Fall, after it premieres at the High Five Festival in Annecy, France, and the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Canada.

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