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PUCKER UP for the Freeride World Tour’s all-time cliffs

Occasionally, those days that keep you stuck on the grind will leave you dreaming about ripping around on the hill. The time mercilessly slides past. Minutes feel like hours with no end in sight. Perhaps you’re behind the desk at home or masked up in the office. Maybe you’re hanging out in the school library or Zooming into your lecture, but whatever the case, it can be tedious when trying to hone in the focus.

Getting the heart pumping and brain moving when you need a break will provide better results and output overall. At FREESKIER, we think that the second best thing to getting up and taking some hot laps at your favorite hill would be to get up and get moving… in your mind! And what better way to do that than to check out some of the worlds best skiers absolutely take FLIGHT. Here we have the top 10 cliffs ever launched on the Freeride World Tour.

Special shout out to the honorable mention of Jackie Paaso, who somehow was not awarded a spot on this list even with insane backslap bounce recovery ride out of a monster air. There are plenty of other drops that could be considered in this list, but these baddies are unreal. Get that heart pumping and use this as juice to get you excited for your next time on the hill!

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