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Parker White’s Zig Zag part is the GOAT Level 1 segment

The segment that launched a thousand mullets is back on the web. Sure, Parker White was basically a household name in the ski community before Zig Zag, but the great 2018 Level 1 film elevated him to god status. White had taken a leave of absence from the L1 cadre of athletes for a few years to work on independent projects, but his return to the feature film world was a sight to behold. In the closing segment of the film, White boosted massive pillows, stomped huge double backies off park jumps, and rocked a mulleted flow for the ages. Leave it to someone like Parker White to make backslaps look steezy. From Mount Baker to Klappen Snowpark and beyond, this is an edit for the ages. So praise be to Level 1 for putting it up on YouTube for the masses to behold.


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