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Øystein Bråten melts down Stubai Glacier

No one will publicly tell you that summer skiing is superior. It just wouldn’t seem genuine. A good portion of what makes skiing, skiing, is the heart and hustle that goes hand in hand with the snot freezing temperatures, and obviously the neck-deep days that keep you foaming at the mouth, pleading with Ullr for more are irreplaceable to say the least. However, if you’re going to look me in the eye and tell me you’d rather be cramming your feet into frozen boots while your hands desperately attempt to pry that poor shell open, as opposed to slipping them on in the sunshine wearing a hoodie, you’re either Tof Henry, or a liar.

Summer skiing has its obvious benefits, this is no lie. While the character building barrage of winter serves to sculpt a strong heart and mind, and dish out some unbelievable bonuses, the 50 degree sunshine do be feelin’ pretty good too. In the Austrian Alps, Stubai Glacier is living proof that these oasis can pump up the energy and foster some unbelievable times. This is no hot take, but it’s worth noting how different, yet similar these two worlds of warmth and cold can be. Different animal, same beast.

Øystein Bråten gives us a beautifully crafted look into this world. He’s one of the quieter guys who has been on the scene for a while, and as a result of that, can easily slip into the back of the crowd. But fear not, Øystein is still one of the best on snow, and has the moves to prove it handily. Accompanied by a plethora of sunshine soakin’ skiers, including the mad dog Henny Harlaut and Capeesh kingpin Ferdinand Dahl, (be sure to check out their new movie), Øystein shows how Stubai was runnin’ this summer in this two and a half minute hammer of an edit.

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