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Marcus Caston drops the hip, lays trenches in “Return of the Turn,” Ep. 2—Groomers

The internet has been ablaze lately with talk of what constitutes “actual skiing,” and pro skier Marcus Caston is here to say something about it. After dropping episode 1 two weeks ago, Caston now shares with us episode 2 of Return of the Turn, the “Groomers” edition.

This time, Caston heads to Snowbird, UT to show everyone a thing-or-two about laying trenches on the corduroy—and to dispel the seemingly universal notion that carving up a freshly groomed run is only for beginners and your parents. “Groomers are kind of overlooked,” says Caston, “because they’re seen as just a way to get from one bowl to the next chute. But really they’re a fundamental part of skiing.”

Linking turns with World Cup ski racer Robby Kelley and and NCAA All-American ski racer Claire Brown, the three tear up every inch of the mountain, “dropping the hip” in exemplary form. Forget those “SLOW” signs and forget what you knew about skiing groomers because Caston and co. are here to bring back the excitement that comes along with flying mach speed down a ski hill like a bunch of fighter jets.

Return of the Turn Ep. 2 Stills

Marcus Caston carves turns at Snowbird, Utah.

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