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Lucas Stål Madison’s latest edit is brought to you by electric car

In his latest edit, A Contemporary Ski Video, Lucas Stål Madison not only pushes the creativity in his skiing and filming, but also in his mode of transportation. Traveling 2,000 miles across Sweden for this project, LSM keeps his carbon footprint to a minimum by using his customized Nissan Leaf to get from one mountain to the next. With climate change being the biggest threat to the winter sports industry, Madison is determined to keep his skiing sustainable by any means possible. To learn more about his environmentally-conscious approach to skiing, we caught up with LSM via email in hopes of learning a bit more about his unique video project.

What was your initial inspiration that made you want to do an electric-powered ski edit?

Mostly, just to see if it was possible. Before the trip, none of us had stepped a foot inside an electric car.

What most surprised you on your trip with this electric car? Did it impress you?

I think the first thing anyone notices in an EV (electric vehicle) is that there is no sound. It was a little trippy when we came to a stop for a round-about, and there was absolutely no sound. I kept thinking: “Is it dead? Is it dead?” and then I let go of the break and it starts moving again! The Leaf has a 125-mile range so you want to find “fast-chargers” that charge up in 45 minutes. At our final destinations you just charge in the normal outlet, so bringing a longer extension cord was a key move. EV’s also have insane acceleration, so it feels like you’re in this little spaceship.

How do you think skiers and film companies can be more conscious of their carbon footprint? What do you hope to see more of in the future?

I’d say it’s already happening. If you look at the most influential skiers like Phil Casabon or Magnus Granér, they are eating a plant-based diet and are very conscious about nature and the climate. And look at the rise of sustainable outerwear. Right now, I’m working on a project to get all pro skiers to compensate for their flights. I think that would be a great way for them to learn about the carbon footprint and spread that message to all the fans of the industry.

You have such a unique style of skiing. Who you look to for inspiration?

Oh man, I get inspired by so many people. I just take a little inspiration from everyone and build that into my overall inspo package.

What else would you like to say about the project?

To me this video is the new way of making ski videos where the the sustainable aspect is added to the mix of creative skiing and filmmaking.


Click here to watch LSM’s latest edit, “Scandi Pow Swerve”


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