Jetpack-skiing through the streets of Slovenia? Heck. Yes.

It’s 2017, which means the world is filled with wildy-impressive innovations that make our lives better in a multitude of ways. And of those many innovations, we’re oh-so-fortunate to have jetpacks. That’s right—jetpacks are a thing these days, people. And, fortunately, it didn’t take very long for them to intermingle with the best sport on Earth: skiing.

In the video, above, Red Bull athlete Filip Flisar zooms through his hometown—Maribor, Slovenia—like he’s god damn Buzz Lightyear, aided by a top-of-the-line jetpack and his ski cross gear. Enjoy, then watch a couple more jetpack-skiing videos, below. Apparently this little-known activity has been around for a few years.

Red Bull ‘Grams

Searching near and gnar. ⛷: @nadinewallner ????: @mirja_gehphotography #ski #powder #snow

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Half-half-pipe. ???? ⛷: @simondumont #halfpipe #skiing

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Is that steep now? ???? #ski #freeride

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Do you believe in Narnia now? ❄️ ????: @jacob @beautifuldestinations #BDTeam #winter #ice

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