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Jake Doan and Sander Hadley lay it all on the line in “Going For Broke”

Jake Doan, AKA Upstate Doan, teaming up with the sender Sander Hadley? Best believe the times will be wild and the skiing will be lunacy. In “Going For Broke,” the dynamic duo tear up the snow caked hills of Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, finding every single transfer and gap possible. Everything about this awesome thrill ride of a project, including the soundtrack provided by Jake himself, is packed with skill and individuality—these two certainly have a knack for finding their own path around the mountain, tail tapping, buttering, slashin’ and draggin’ their way down. Seems like they, simply, have the most fun possible. The way skiing should be.

Seven years back, after watching Sander absolutely DESTROY his college mountain of Snowbird in the fittingly titled POV edit “The Way I See It,” and then again in MSP Films’ Days Of My Youth resort segment, you wouldn’t have needed a crystal ball to see that the dude was shortly going to become well-known on chairlifts across the country. As for Jake, he’s been putting out nothing but heat for years on his instagram and elsewhere—and there’s a big congrats in order for his recent team-up with 4FRNT skis. These two are terrors on the sticks and experts at turning the mountain into their personal playground. No doubt the future is full of more prosperous endeavors for the duo, as a team or on their own.

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