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Skiing is way of traveling over snow, using skis strapped to one’s feet. In modern times it has been mostly an athletic activity. Skis are used in conjunction with boots that connect to the ski with use of a binding. Commonly, ski poles or “stocks” are used to improve balance and timing as well as for propulsion.
Skiing can be grouped into two general categories: Nordic and Alpine.
Alpine skiing (more often called “downhill skiing”), originated in the European Alps, and is characterized by fixed-heel bindings that attach at both the toe and the heel of the skier’s boot.

Any skiing outside the prepared or marked trails is referred to as backcountry or off-piste skiing. This form of skiing is probably the most mortally dangerous (depending on where and how you do it) because of the high speeds, large drops (sometimes with hidden rocks in the landing), and avalanches. This type of skiing has been banned in certain areas of the world because of chances of injury and/or death.[citation needed] Backcountry skiers consist of both newschool skiers who perform tricks off various terrain features, and oldschoolers as well.

Thumb: https://szarzynski.wordpress.com

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