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Introducing a new webisode series, “Best Friends on Powderdays”

From Sebastian Fischer on Vimeo:

Best Friends On Powderdays is a brand new video series, following a group of friends around their home mountains, showcasing their snow-sliding skills. It’s an action-filled story about friendship and happiness, which they believe cannot be experienced all alone. Because after all, it is never the snow, but always the friends who make for the best memories.

Best Friends On Powderdays is coming right at you from the interwebs once a month, and the first episode is just a teaser of what you can expect from this bunch of fools. In episode one our friends ski powder, fall down pillows, receive faceshots, cross creeks and hitchhike back to the lift to do it all over again.

Friends in this Episode (in order of appearance): 

Julian Zenzmaier
Johannes Praxmarer
Sebastian Fischer
Matthias Zimmermann
Random Slovenian Wintercampers
Prince Charles
Matthias Mayr
Tom Leitner
Lukas Zögernitz


Kevin MacLeod – Movement Proposition
Haindling – Pfeif drauf
Hermitude – Speak of the Devil”

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