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Hotel Eidsbugarden: Where off-piste dreams become reality

Skiers seeking for off-piste adventures need not look further than the Hotel Eidsbugarden, tucked amongst the endless fjords of central Norway. Established in 1868 by poet and mountain hiker Aasmund Olavsson Vinje, this quaint locale in the town of Jotunheimen offers an ideal home base for backcountry skiers. With mountainous terrain and skiable lines reaching as far as the eye can see, hiking to new objectives is a daily activity with plentiful surprises.

For skiers Karl-Kristian Muggerud, Robert Ruud and Sondre Loftsgarden, Hotel Eidsbugarden was the ideal place to set up shop for a three-week stint testing new twigs and looking for untouched aspects to ski. As most of the hotel’s guests are merely exploring the area on cross-country skis, this motley crew reaped the benefits of Norway’s rolling, powder-laden terrain all on their own. Take a gander at the good times in the video featured above.

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