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Greased Lightning: Tom Wallisch cleans 424-foot rail at Seven Springs, sets world record

Earlier this season, Tom Wallisch, who has already cemented his legacy in freeskiing folklore, set out to accomplish something no one else had ever done: Set the Guinness World Record for longest rail slide. Wallisch would attempt the record at Seven Springs Resort in western Pennsylvania. To construct the diabolical rail structure, 2,000 pounds of steel was hauled in from eastern Canada and welded together on-hill by the hard-working Snow Park Technologies crew. There were set-backs, which is to be expected from a feat of this magnitude. Over three days, Wallisch made hundreds of attempts at the record but couldn’t quite clean the rail. “So much of it is mental. It’s a mental battle against yourself, against the rail,” he says in the video.

Then, warm temperatures and rain forced the crew into a two-day hold. When they returned to the rail, the structure had fallen over due to the weather and lack of maintenance. Luckily, the team banded together and reconstructed the metal monstrosity in time for one last day of attempts. Of course, Wallisch greased the gleaming construction and went into the record books.

“It’s a childhood dream had come true,” he reflected afterwards. “I’ve been a part of the rail skiing movement for so many years that it’s cool to have some sort of legacy. And to have a record like that, that means something.”

Cheers, Tom.

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