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Get by with a little help… from Coach Kuch!

Courtesy of the good people at MSP films, anyone can now get a little help from Sam Kuch, AKA coach Sam. As one of the greatest freeride skiers in the world, it’s only fitting that Sam passes on some wisdom to those who seek it. Some of those eager learners include Tonje Kvivik, Emily Childs and Janelle Yip, members of The Blondes who don’t mind taking a few tumbles. In the backcountry of British Columbia, there is an abundance of deep, fresh snow. While this can make the descents a little easier, it doesn’t make them risk-free. As Janelle can attest to, even in snow that deep, a knee to the face is never ruled out of the question. That being said, the crew still puts fears aside and gives their new maneuvers a try, again, and again, and again, without hesitation. Their tenacity and determination is admirable to say the least. Sam is a patient coach, and if you’re looking for some advice from someone at the top of the food chain, this is the place to start!


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