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Eric Hjorleifson 2021 – Old dog, same incredible tricks. Hoji is still one of the greatest skiers in the world

The unofficial official national treasure of Canada has resurfaced with, (unsurprisingly), some of the greatest skiing that a human being can lay eyes on. Of course, I’m talking about the man of the north, the infamous Eric Hjorleifson, AKA Hoji. Hoj has become a bit of a house hold name throughout the world of skiing, and it’s no surprise why. To the best information I could find, he’s 38 years old, and let me tell you, the older dog can still throw DOWN. As you’ll see shortly, the man is an animal, hiking his way up to some of the burliest, deepest lines imaginable.

Hoj spent the majority of the 2021 winter as a hut keeper in the Esplanade mountains of balmy Alberta, Canada. He linked with some talented filmers, like the good folks at BLANK Collective and Squamish based camera wizard Peter Wojnar. These magical series of events lead to this great documentation of Hoji taking on some of the best that Canada has to offer. Steep, deep, enough to make a grown skier cry. Take notes as one of the dark horses of skiing takes it to the mother land.

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