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Eric Balken shares pow shred highlights, season ’11/12

From Eric Balken on Vimeo:

“The 2011-2012 season was rough. It was one of the sketchiest and worst snow years on record in Utah, and in December I sustained a bone contusion in my knee that followed me around for most of the season. For a while I thought the year might be a total bust.

After a six weeks of resting, stretching, and physio, I was feeling good and took a trip up north to British Columbia and Washington. The snow was amazing and it finally felt like winter had begun. By the time I got back to Utah in March it had started to snow and we all got a lot of good days in at Brighton and Alta.

This video is a compilation of footage I managed to put together from the year. Nothing too epic, mostly just fun pow lines with friends. After a year with such unsafe snowpack and so many avalanche deaths, I was just grateful to to ski some powder.

Huge thanks to everyone supporting me: Surface Skis, Smith//Team Prospect, Flylow Outerwear, Alpine Haus, Snogression, Brighton, and Alta. Also thanks to everyone that let us crash along the way: Sweetgrass Crew, Eliel Hindert, Heather, Mike, and Alexis Welch, Garrett Grove, Matt Bowen, Pat Haggerty, and all the Levenworh lurkers.”

Camera Work:
Shayne Metos, Scott Titterington, and Jorden Seldin.

Music: Casiokids / Fot i Hose

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