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‘Delete’ – Strictly’s final film to premiere October 21 in Boulder, CO

All good things must come to an end. Unfortunately for you and me, and anyone who’s had the pleasure of watching their work over the past few years, that includes the ski media crew known as Strictly. This gaggle of park and powder skiers have grown into one of the strongest groups in the industry, and has been a vital staple in the blossoming age of ski films that have deviated from the status-quo of large production pictures. Capturing riders from the streets to the high peaks, they’ve made ski films that are as well rounded as you’ll ever find. Their determination and originality was, and still is, exactly what the world of skiing needs.

Strictly is known for both their skiing and filming capabilities. They have become renowned thanks to the filming and editing brilliance of Andrew Mildenberger and Gavin Rudy, and the skiing of Sam Zanner, Calvin Barrett, Pete Koukov, Benny Smith, Taylor Lundquist, Ethan Swadburg, Parker Norvell, and so many more. While you don’t have to look hard for the familiar faces in each film, there certainly seems to be no set line up; just friends enjoying the community of skiing. It’s hard to ask for much else, and it’s a key part of why Strictly has become such a reliable joy in less than half a decade.

While it might be their last go as a team, ‘Delete’ promises the same energy as any of their past films. That includes the outrageous party of a premiere going down Friday, October 21 at the Boulder theater in, you guessed it, Boulder, Colorado, (home of the notorious Broadway and 27th rail featured in the film. It’ll blow your mind). It’s a premiere unlike many others, and will easily be one of the best times you’ll have all winter. You can click right here to buy tickets, or head to the Boulder theater website.

While this might be their last go as a whole, you can bet the farm that everyone involved in this project will be moving on to new and exhilarating works. So wipe away that goodbye tear, and put on your party shoes; it’s time for a send off of the ages.

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