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China’s ski culture is booming—this video shows exactly why

Skiing has always been a part of China’s culture—for thousands of years, the activity has been used for basic purposes in the mountains like transporting goods—but its recreational popularity was never all that high. After all, when was the last time you saw a skiing photo or video come out of the East Asian nation?

But, right now, everything’s changing; China’s middle class is growing, allowing citizens to afford the sport, the 2022 Winter Olympics are taking place in Beijing and avid, world-traveling skiers are discovering that the terrain there is completely incredible.

In the latest episode of the renowned series, A Skier’s Journey, Jordan Manley, Forest Coots and Chad Sayers travel throughout China in search of fresh snow and vibrant culture. They find both, and this 16-minute cinematic masterpiece (shot, directed and produced by Manley) that highlights the experience is truly stunning.

Still shots from A Skier’s Journey: China


A vast, big-mountain landscape in Eastern China.


Treading lightly on top of huge, Chinese lines.


Strapping into traditional Chinese skiing gear.


Learning the ways of China’s early skiing culture.

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