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An inside look at ski construction: A Trip to the Folsom Custom Skis HQ

Do you know what’s underneath your topsheets? A lot of us take for granted all the work that goes into making a solid pair of skis. Material selection, machining, pressing, sanding, grinding, sharpening–every step of the process is essential to the creation of an even flexing pair of skis that will perform the way they are supposed to and one slight miscalculation along the way can have a dramatic effect on the outcome.

This video gives us some insight into the elaborate ski construction process and might make you feel a little better the next time you fork over your hard-earned dollars for some new sticks. It was shot at the Folsom Custom ski factory in Denver, Colorado and is a snapshot of what you can expect to find at some of the smaller, “indie” ski brand manufacturing facilities. If you were to visit a facility of one of the larger brands you would certainly find some more automation in the process. Either way, it’s no small feat to put together a pair of skis that will stand up to the beat down you will put on them.

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