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‘Above the Arctic Circle’ – Tof Henry & Flurina Bieger search for the hidden lines of the North

Not all ski missions are touted in bottomless powder, massive crews, and glorious sunset lighting… or in some cases, any lighting at all. In ‘Above the Arctic Circle’, iconic big mountain skiers Tof Henry & Flurina Bieger head into the dark winter canvas of Norway, where the sun hardly breaches the horizon during the frigid winter months. The Norwegian Lofoten Islands are a varying, dangerous and enticing ski playground. With no lift access and miles of roaring mountains to roam, it’s a dreamy setting for any adventurous skier.

The dynamic duo of Tof and Flurina, along with Swedish filmer Elias Lundh, venture by both the light of their headlamps and the arctic sun as the short film captures the different solar cycles of the area throughout the winter. This journey through Noway’s northern Atlantic islands is sure to lure you into a different world, far from the ordinary routines we depend on each day. While these routines give us stability, they can also drag us into a false sense of boredom. Breaking from the cycles we know can be one of the most beautiful and liberating activities. Turn off the lights, throw in the headphones, and welcome to a land above the arctic circle.

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From Armada – Places are often defined by their beauty. Certainly Lofoten, Norway exists for many solely through the imagery they’ve seen. Follow Tof Henry and Flurina Beiger as they adventure above the Arctic Circle with the Locator Series.

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