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4bi9 presents trailer for “Keep Looking,” complete with urban shredding, backcountry jumping

From 4BI9 Media on Vimeo:

“Roughly six years ago, a group of unknown skiers and friends followed their dreams of moving out west in the hopes that the endless snowfall, massive mountains, and unending skiing opportunities of their dreams would become a way of life. That first winter they produced their inaugural film, Look it Up, a declaration of a new generation of freestyle skiers fostering a movement of creativity and style beyond the stagnant and oftentimes robotic nature of the contest environment—a glimpse of skiing’s future and the foundation of the 4bi9 legacy. While the past has been an unforgettable journey, the future holds even bigger things for the 4bi9 crew. Thus, it is at this time that we are proud to present our sixth feature-length film, Keep Looking.”

The full release will be available for digital download soon on 4bi9media.com.

Directed by AJ Dakoulas and Andrew Napier. Produced by AJ Dakoulas, Andrew Napier, and Mike McLeod.

Featuring the skiing of: Dale Talkington, John Ware, Karl Fostvedt, John Kutcher, Tim McChesney, Tom Wallisch, Chris Laker, Brady Perron, Nicky Keefer, Collin Colins and friends.

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