Q&A: Here’s the details on Nimbus Independent’s latest release, “Coordinates”

Q&A: Here’s the details on Nimbus Independent’s latest release, “Coordinates”

Nimbus Independent is back at it again today with the release of its latest short film, Coordinates. The 9-minute flick, which aims to give the audience a preview of the crew’s fall 2015 release, After The Sky Falls, was shot entirely on the GoPro Hero 3+ by Eric Pollard, Chris Benchetler and Pep Fujas. Featuring a custom track produced by long time collaborator Tired Eyes, the video captures the Nimbus vibe in every way. We caught up with two-thirds of the crew via email to discuss Coordinates and its eventual follow-up, After The Sky Falls.

Freeskier: What was it like working with Tired Eyes again?

Eric Pollard: Working with Tired Eyes is amazing. He is such a gifted artist and producer, and he loves to work with us and create music for our movies. It’s a great partnership that we are going to continue as we work toward our two-year project, After The Sky Falls.

How did the idea for a two-year project come about? Why did you guys want to do it?

EP: We have been wanting to create a two-year project for some years now, but we never felt the time was ripe until this last year. Our main motivation to create a two-year project is to allow us [to have more] time to put more into our productions. [It allowed for] more thought and creativity, stronger, more impactful performances as skiers, and twice the time to accomplish our goals. Additionally, a two-year project gives us the license to take longer trips to each location in order to [handle] the weather ups and downs, experience the culture and [take in] the overall feel of each place.

Chris Benchetler: The idea has been brewing for a long time. Eric is a very artistic and visual person, and he always talked about creating a timeless piece with a coffee table book that had more of an artistic approach. That, mixed with overcoming the last couple seasons of trials and tribulations, made it the right timing to do After The Sky Falls.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of a two-year project?

EP: It’s difficult, because if you’re not careful, you simply drop off the map for for the first year, then come out with something the next year. For us, we decided to produce something this year and next year.

CB: Realistically, I don’t see any drawbacks. We have poured so much effort into Nimbus over the last six years that it is refreshing to be able to slow our pace a bit and really focus on features and tricks we want to accomplish, [rather than] pumping out heaps of content. Granted, we will always have challenges that hold us back, such as weather and injuries, but ideally it should give us a bit more time to be creative instead of feeding the bottomless appetite for content these days.

I think releasing POV footage from the trips is a great way to build hype while still being able to hold back the footage. Can you talk about the decision to put together and release Coordinates?

EP: Coordinates. It just seemed like the perfect time to use GoPro and create a unique edit in a Nimbus style. It’s awesome working with tiny cameras that can take photos and video at such high resolution. We have been working with GoPro cameras for a long time now, but we have never focused on creating GoPro-exclusive edits until this year. I’m really looking forward to doing more in the coming year.

CB: Yeah. GoPro is an incredible way to capture skiing from the riders’ perspective. It also gives us the opportunity to stay current and show our fans what we did this season without giving away too much of the other side. We don’t want it to feel like they’ve seen all the footage before the release of After The Sky Falls. It has been a primary focus and an important goal to keep the two-year content unique and fresh. Additionally, some of the idea came from my current partnership with GoPro as an athlete. I had a few conversations with them about becoming a partner of Nimbus, and since they’ve always appreciated what we do, it was a perfect fit.

What can we expect from After the Sky Falls?

EP: I’m not sure that I can sum it up. I can say that the production value will be very high; we have captured everything in 4k and 5k [resolution]. The overall style of the movie will still have a Nimbus energy, with a focus on personality and character. We are not out to change the world with the movie; it’s a ski movie. It’s not going to be a narrative piece that tells our story either. It’s going to be a shred movie; hopefully an entertaining one at that. We love to ski, and we love to make movies, so we are going to enjoy ourselves, capture everything and show people.

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