Pro skiers weigh in on their favorite Olympic events

Pro skiers weigh in on their favorite Olympic events


While the slopestyle and halfpipe events are undoubtedly the most important of the 2014 Olympic Games, we can’t forget about the hard working athletes vying for medals in all of the other Olympic sports. We asked a few athletes who and what they were looking forward to seeing:

Keri Herman: I’m really excited to watch some hockey! I grew up with one of the guys on the [US] team and want to cheer him on!

Sammy Carlson: I am stoked to watch the snowboard slope and snowboard pipe!

Mike Riddle: My pick of all the events to watch would be the men’s hockey final, eh (typical Canadian response).

McRae Williams: I will be most stoked to watch aerials aside from slope and pipe because I have some close friends that will be competing, but I am also interested in skeleton.

Mirjam Jaeger: Ideally I want to go watch it all. Just kidding. Definitely want to go watch the Swiss ice hockey team… in the finals! That is on top of my list! Then I’d also like to watch bobsledding, ski jumping and biathlon… as I don’t know much about those sports and have never seen them live but think they would be really fun to watch!

Maude Raymond: I am cheering for Marie-Pier Préfontaine in GS and Super G. I grew up racing with her, a true ski friend at heart.

Grete Eliassen: I’m excited to watch all the other female sports being held at the Games. It’s the only time men’s and women’s sports are covered equally. It’s a really cool event because of that. I wish it was like that everyday. It’s the Super Bowl for women’s sports.

Jen Hudak: Over the last year I’ve been able to meet quite a few Olympic hopefuls in other disciplines and I’m so excited to be able to watch them compete! Namely, men’s bobsled team “The Night Train,” they have a gold medal to defend!

Justin Dorey: I’m hyped to watch snowboard slopestyle and hockey because we’ve pretty much got those two events in the bag… Mark McMorris will probably quadruple flip all the jumps in the slope course and win, and Team Canada will destroy all the other hockey teams because we are Canada and hockey is Canada.

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